Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring has Sprung

It's 74 and sunny! Not a bad way to enjoy yet another Easter and to kick off a brand new post on...deviled eggs. I bet you were thinking this post would be about fish tacos, well, not today. The Easter bunny will not allow. On tap today, I've got a deviled egg history lesson for you, as well as some tickleriffic photos of homemade deviled eggs (no recipe, sorry, as it is top secret...I'm CIA like that).

What the hell are deviled eggs, anyhow? And where do they come from? Deviled eggs have a long storied history that dates back to the Ancient Roman times when they were better known as "stuffed eggs"; the "deviled" in deviled eggs came about in 18th century England. Why? Because it was the first time it appeared in print. According to The Encyclopedia of American Food and Drink, "deviled" referred to "any variety of dished prepared with hot seasonings, such as cayenne or mustard...from the association with the demon who dwells in hell." Interesting. Demon from hell. How lovely. Deviled eggs typically consist of the hard-boiled egg shell cut in half filed with a devilish mixture of cooked egg yolk, mayonnaise, mustard, salt & pepper, fresh parsley, paprika, and lemon juice (at least that's what partner in crime used).

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